You Would Be You

cropped-5.jpgA few weeks ago I had a brief, but thought provoking conversation with a coworker.  She was wearing some new glasses and I thought they were pretty cool.  I shared with her how I’ve worn glasses since the third grade and always thought of them as an accessory like jewelry.  I buy a new pair every year and I’m always drawn to eyewear that is unique and stands out.

That led to us discussing hair, clothes…you know, girl stuff.  I remarked how I would take more risks with my wardrobe and hair style if I had a different profession…a more creative occupation.  She smiled at me and said, “You would be you,” and walked away.

She was 1000% right.  I stood there pouring my coffee and felt the weight of that statement as I let it soak in for a few moments.

For years I’ve known that what I do for a living doesn’t fully embrace who I am, but as a responsible adult I suck it up and do what I have to do to pay the bills like millions of people do every single day.

I wonder how many CEOs would rather be teachers and how many janitors should be CEOs.  Is there a museum curator who would rather trade stocks?  Or does a stock broker want to be an archaeologist?  This list could go on and on.  I’m part of that list, but taking steps to change that.

At first I was reluctant to write this post because I didn’t want it to impede the plans that I’m working on.  But I’m a firm believer that what is meant for me will be, by God’s grace.  One of the main reasons why I tell my struggles here is to encourage others and let them know they’re not the only ones dealing with certain issues.

I make a decent living and I’ve been blessed that it has a afforded me a fairly comfortable life.  Unfortunately, I have been comfortably uncomfortable for a long time and cannot allow myself to continue for the sake of nice paycheck.  I desire more.  I’m a creature of passion and want a 9-5 that is not just a means to an end, but is more meaningful.

Right now, I’m taking steps to make my dreams a reality.  I’ve tried before and ideas have been delayed or shut down altogether.  Sometimes I can be my own worst enemy.  It’s hard, but it is even more difficult to remain stuck in the same position.  I even feel more alive fighting for my dreams than fighting for a false sense of contentment in a dead end situation.

I don’t know where this road will lead and the plan changes almost daily.  I do know, however, that faith without works is dead [James 2:26], so here I am putting actions to what I believe I should do in my heart.  If it’s not meant to be then I’ll find out through trial and error…not because I didn’t try.

3 thoughts on “You Would Be You

  1. Wow! Thank you for writing this! I felt like you read pieces of my diary before writing this post. We are in the same position. I too, am in the process of making changes. I want every aspect of my life to be intentional and fulfilling. Pray you will keep pressing until your dreams become a reality.

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  2. No, thank you Ebby! This just further confirms I’m on the right track and I know I’m not alone. The struggle is real…lol! “I want every aspect of my life to be intentional and fulfilling.” – Exactly! So do I. I hope you also achieve your dreams too. Make sure you post about it!


  3. Your sentiments echo loudly, I came to this realization a couple years ago and I’ve been building toward that climatic ending ever since! Thanks for puttinformation this out into the Universe!

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