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The Purpose of Prince


Let me start off by saying that I’m not the biggest Prince fan.  I don’t know all of his songs.  I only know his hits mostly.  Not the obscure B-side songs that didn’t make it to the radio.  Even when I did venture into that territory I heard some lyrics that I didn’t need to hear and still don’t want to hear today.  His radio-friendly tunes were the soundtrack to my childhood and my feelings about his death are probably just nostalgia of a time that is long gone and never to return.

As strange as he was, I liked Prince.  Not only was the dude super talented and played many instruments, wrote, produced, and sang, he was a really good basketball player (thanks Dave Chappelle and Charlie Murphy for informing us of that).

I think what I liked most about him was his unapologetic artistry.  He was determined to be himself no matter what anyone else thought.  He was fiercely innovative and didn’t have any problems going against the grain.  He was an original in a world full of copycats and people trying to be like other people.

His music crossed genres, races, languages and unified (and offended) people of all backgrounds – that is undeniable.  The death of someone who seemed larger than life is a stark reminder of how fragile we all are and it puts things into perspective.  What it did for me personally is make me think….what am I doing with my time?

Life is short and I want to do what I was put on Earth to do.  As a Christian, how I perceive everything in my life is through the lens of someone who is striving to follow and trust Jesus.  I’m not here to judge and debate on how Prince dressed, his sexuality, provocative songs or his beliefs.  What I do want to point out is the fact that he used his gifts and talents and poured them out for our entertainment and enjoyment.  The same man who recorded songs that some of us had to sneak to listen to also gave us Purple RainThe Most Beautiful Girl in the World and a whole list of songs that described the beauty and tragedies of life.  He was multifaceted and complicated like we all are.  He was human.

We all want to be our authentic selves, do what we love and are created to do.  Whatever your thoughts of him, I think we can all agree Prince did that.  The Bible says that the gifts and callings of God are irrevocable [Romans 11:29].  He doesn’t change his mind because we don’t use them according to his will, but I want to use my gifts and talents the way God would have me to.  I also want to use my gifts the way God uniquely made me.  Not by trying to be like someone else.  We’re all originals and have the capacity to do whatever we’re created to do like no one else.

The truth is death always puts things into perspective no matter who it is.  None of us know when or how our time will end, but we do have choices on how we will spend our time.  My goal is to use my love of creative writing to encourage, enlighten and entertain people.  I want to write words that will make people think, laugh, cry and ultimately comfort them.

Prince was an amazing artist.  We’re all artists in one way or another.  Creating our lives daily with every decision we make.  What will your legacy be?  What will you create that will inspire others?  You may not have a huge platform, but you can make an impact right where you are in whatever you do.

I want to use my platform here to tell you to get to know Jesus.  The Son of the Living God and Creator of all things.  Our life giver and sustainer.  Our Creator who created me and you, to create.  God is the ultimate artist!  I implore you to trust your life to Him today so that when your time is up here, you know you’ll be safe in His arms.  God will guide you throughout your days while you’re here so that you can use what He has blessed you with in the best way possible.

I don’t know Prince’s fate.  Only God knows that.  What I do know is that if you’re an unbeliever, please choose God today.  If you’re already a Christ-follower, tell others about Him and use the gifts He’s given you while you still have time to use them.

We all have a purpose and are here for a reason.  Seek to find out what that is for you.

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