You Would Be You

A few weeks ago I had a brief, but thought provoking conversation with a coworker.  She was wearing some new glasses and I thought they were pretty cool.  I shared with her how I’ve worn glasses since the third grade and always thought of them as an accessory like jewelry.  I buy a new pair… Continue reading You Would Be You

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What Binge Watching A Different World Taught Me

Netflix recently added A Different World to its collection and I gladly re-watched the entire series with fresh eyes and a grown up perspective.  The Cosby Show spin-off starring Lisa Bonet’s character Denise Huxtable and her experience at Cliff and Claire’s make-believe historically black alma mater Hillman College was a ground breaking show and I… Continue reading What Binge Watching A Different World Taught Me


New Year, Daily Resolutions

I’m looking forward to 2015.  I’m so over this year.  In fact I was over 2014 when it began…lol.  Some of you may be able to relate.  This year was hard for me on so many levels.  I’ve discussed some of them in previous blog posts and I’m still working through many things.  However that… Continue reading New Year, Daily Resolutions