New Year, Daily Resolutions

I’m looking forward to 2015.  I’m so over this year.  In fact I was over 2014 when it began…lol.  Some of you may be able to relate.  This year was hard for me on so many levels.  I’ve discussed some of them in previous blog posts and I’m still working through many things.  However that means I’m still here and I’m grateful for that.

Some of you may be making plans to start something new this coming year – a resolution.  That is great for you, but I don’t have any major plans this year because my entire life has become a resolution. Months before this new year approached, I decided to make some changes in my life, face challenges head-on, and be open.

Let’s be honest, how many times in the past have we decided to get fit after the holidays?  Then you get the gym membership and you’re fighting over the equipment because so many other people are thinking the same thing.  By spring, the ‘get in shape’ bandwagon has dwindled down. You’d rather sit on the couch, eat pizza, and watch Netflix marathons instead of actually running marathons (guilty).

For those of you who have accomplished some New Year’s resolution in the past – bravo!  For the rest of us, let’s try to look at it differently.  Every day you wake up can be the beginning of a new year.  For me it was this past summer.  Any time you decide to make a change, begin something new, or set a new goal can be a great moment.

So no, I do not have a New Year’s resolution.  I have daily resolutions.  I resolve to keep my faith, pursue peace, trust God when I don’t understand (which is more often than not), and take more risks…things I’ve already been doing.  And no calendar date will dictate that for me!

Happy New Year!

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