The Meeting

God met me in the ache between heartbeats
When breathing was too difficult
I found him in the silence between
thunder and lightening
The gaps between raindrops
I’d heard about him in the pews
But grew to know him in the trenches
The gutters of life
When my peace was in pieces
Tears too familiar with fears

I met God at 2 am
While nightmares chased dreams
The sweetest lullaby
For the most anxious soul
I heard him amid indecisions
His still small voice carrying me
From moment to moment
Breath to breath
He caught me in the middle of footsteps and falling
Making steady my gait

He met me where the waves attack the shores
The sands bracing for impact
Drowning in high tide
I felt him like feathers on fingertips
Gentle yet capable of riding the wind
I met God in the whispers among screams
In the spaces between thoughts
Words of assurance
In the twilight before dawn
I may have just met him
But he knew me all along

© Rhonda Simpson and The Way I See It, 2014 – 2015

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