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The Purpose of Prince

Let me start off by saying that I’m not the biggest Prince fan.  I don’t know all of his songs.  I only know his hits mostly.  Not the obscure B-side songs that didn’t make it to the radio.  Even when I did venture into that territory I heard some lyrics that I didn’t need to… Continue reading The Purpose of Prince

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What Makes a Good Story?

I should really name this post ‘What Do You Write When You Don’t Want to Write?’  The past few months of my life have been full of challenges.  Real life got in the way and stalled my desire to write, but for us highly sensitive folks simple frustration can get overwhelming.  So I haven’t felt like writing.… Continue reading What Makes a Good Story?

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What Binge Watching A Different World Taught Me

Netflix recently added A Different World to its collection and I gladly re-watched the entire series with fresh eyes and a grown up perspective.  The Cosby Show spin-off starring Lisa Bonet’s character Denise Huxtable and her experience at Cliff and Claire’s make-believe historically black alma mater Hillman College was a ground breaking show and I… Continue reading What Binge Watching A Different World Taught Me