Chasing a butterfly into oblivion
Easing my way down yellow brick roads
Cities of Emerald on the horizon
Up is down
Down is up
In my reflection there is a Mad Hatter
Staring back at me
Crazed and confused
Dazed and amused
Oz simultaneously an adventure and a prison
Depending on the moment
Cheshire Cat toothy grins illuminate my distorted path
The Queen of Hearts had shattered mine
The empty space occupied by winding clocks and time
The hourglass wasting me away
Days morphed into years
Hungry caterpillars interrogate my fears…
“Who are you?”
Am I the King of the Jungle, the Scarecrow, or Man of Steel?
Waiting to be courageous
Wondering if I’m smart enough
Can my heart take it?
Wickedness lurks in the east and the west
Eager to devour my hope
Yet I’m too distracted
By the white rabbit
Leading me down the black hole
Beyond the point of no return
Lost and found in Neverland
Where pixie dust won’t betray my trust
And dreams will never hurt me

© Rhonda Simpson and The Way I See It, 2014 – 2015

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