I wish young people only died of old age
Old people didn’t have any regrets
I wish there wasn’t a war between the spirit
Or the flesh
That Eve ignored that snake
Eden had become our fate
I wish children didn’t need last wishes
Diseases were a myth
That people loved God and people
Racism and prejudice didn’t exist
I wish wars weren’t rumored or reality
That we could all agree to disagree
Without being disagreeable
And peace would be achievable
I wish we reached for the Bible more than social networks
The number of likes didn’t determine a person’s worth
I wish media outlets reported what was true
That all news was good news
And this was nothing new
I wish every perception had integrity
That vain popularity didn’t create instant celebrities
I wish levees didn’t break
The earth didn’t quake
Funnel clouds didn’t wake
I wish everyone would drive sober
We would only get pulled over
For a job well done
I wish humans didn’t go missing
All dads took their sons fishing
That families stayed together
Prayed together
And no one strayed forever
I wish we trusted in God
Instead of the money where his name is printed
I wish we all said it
I wish we all meant it
And random acts of kindness
Replaced random acts of violence
There was no willful blindness
And no indifferent silence
I wish

© Rhonda Simpson and The Way I See It, 2014 – 2015

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