I Need The 100 Season 3 To Start Right Now!

Hello?  Anyone out there in internet land reading this?  I’m trying to figure out what I just witnessed.  The two part second season finale of The 100 was every bit of television awesome sauce…even if I’m the only person I know watching it.  See this post if you’re not familiar with the series.


Clarke’s impossible decision was a no-win situation.  Kill allies and innocent children to get rid of the bad guys trying to kill your friends and family?  Not the way you want to spend your teenage years.  The betrayal by Lexa shocked me though it shouldn’t have.  The Grounders have been barbaric since they first appeared on screen, but over the episodes, slowly but surely their humanity has been revealed…starting with Lincoln (bam chicka bam wow 😉 ).  Then after making me like her or at least understand her better, Lexa leaves the Ark survivors held captive in Mount Weather while hers are freed.

It was so satisfying when Lincoln killed “President” Cage.  He’s the real cause for all of his mountain community becoming collateral damage in a war he started.  I get it.  You need bone marrow to survive above ground.  Why not ask instead of kidnapping and killing for it?  After all, these people have survived in space for a generations.  They may have technology that can be beneficial to you.  I guess if you live in a mountain bunker for almost a hundred years you go a little stir crazy.  Cabin fever perhaps?

Let’s talk about Thelonious.  Chancellor turned spiritual guru on a quest.  His subplot is so different it’s almost like watching two shows in one.  His faith in finding the City of Light is unshakable even after losing fellow travelers in the minefield and some to a horrifying creature from the sea. He and Murphy are an unlikely duo, but I guess they have something in common since surviving circumstances that should have killed them both .

Then there was a lighthouse at an unfamiliar shore, an impeccably decorated seemingly abandoned home discovered by Murphy, and then a mansion occupied by a artificially intelligent beautiful hologram in possession of a missile from the Ark!  I just can’t.  My inner geek is exploding with all the possibilities of this storyline.

Just when I think I cannot be surprised by a show, The 100 proves me wrong time and again.  I watch a lot of tv shows…I mean a whole lot….like seriously too many.  There are not enough hours in the day to write about them all, but this series deserves more credit and exposure than it’s been getting.  Great writing and character development shouldn’t go unnoticed.

CW thank you for renewing The 100 for a third season and I hope it survives in the same time slot as Empire on Fox.  I’m sooo glad Empire was renewed too!  Excited for more Lucious and Cookie drama.  See, I told you guys I watch too much television.

Click here for a more in depth review of the second season for The 100 –> Good stuff!

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