Upcoming Movies…San Andreas, Tomorrowland, & Self/less

Insurgent comes to theaters Friday.  I’m looking forward to this sequel and second book to movie adaption in the Divergent series.  Though similar to The Hunger Games (can’t wait for Mockingjay part 2!), the Divergent serials can stand on their own.

Both stories are about a teenage girl sparking a revolution against an oppressive society in a dystopian future.  I’m kind of obsessed with this genre and I’ve read and enjoyed both trilogies.  Can’t go wrong with science fiction and girl power!

Though I’ll be in line to see Tris and Four this weekend there are a few other upcoming films this spring and summer I’ll be excited to see as well.

San Andreas starring Dwayne Johnson and great character actor Paul Giamatti.  It’s about the ‘what if’ scenario of the real life fault along California’s coastline shifted and caused a monumental earthquake.  The trailer blew me away and who doesn’t like The Rock?!  I’m a fan of disaster films and big budget special effects.  I’m the chick who records science documentaries on The Discovery Channel so of course this got my attention.

The next movie is the story of a teen girl stumbling upon a magical pin that transports her to another futuristic dimension.  She sets out to find the source of the object’s creation and power.  The journey leads her on an adventure of a lifetime.  Disney’s Tomorrowland stars Britt Robertson, George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, and Tim McGraw.  Again, the special effects got me and the geek in me loves stories about time and space travel.

This last film dabbles with the idea of immortality.  Selfless (or Self/less) stars Sir Ben Kingsley as a dying business mogul who takes on the persona…well, the actual body of a younger man portrayed by Ryan Reynolds.  This happens through technology that can transfer the consciousness of one person to another.  What could go wrong?  Based on this trailer it looks like everything!

So I’ve got my popcorn ready!  Hope these don’t disappoint.  Even if they do, at least it will give me something to write about.  🙂

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